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Current Health Guidelines

We thank our board of directors in consultation with local and state health officials to help guide our policy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

1. We first of all wanted to thank all of our community members for their cooperation with Shul Policy. We know there are many opinions on how to best handle the pandemic and coming to a communal policy that keeps everyone's interests and safety in mind has not been a simple task. 

2) We are excited to see vaccinations rolling out in our state and many members of our community already vaccinated, or in the process of doing so. While we hope to transition to an optional mask minyan, the board has decided to maintain the required mask policy at MTC through Pesach, due to many community members still pending their final vaccination as well as the influx of out of town guests that we will be expecting over Chag. We hope that after Pesach, the health of our community will continue to stay strong and we will be able to maintain our optional masked policy moving forward.

3) Transitioning to an optional mask minyan requires a high level of common sense and sensitivity to others. We still ask the community to remain vigilant to prevent the spread of Covid 19. If you have any fever or flu like symptoms, please to not come to Shul. If you have been in direct exposure to someone with confirmed Covid-19, you are asked to quarantine before returning back to Shul.

4) We ask that people continue to maintain their social distance as much as possible, and wash hands/sanitize whenever needed. 

5) Even in our optional masked environment, we understand that some of our members are still more comfortable wearing masks in public, and we ask those who choose not to wear masks to sit towards the left of the Shul, allowing a space on the right of the Shul for those who continue to wear.

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