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Tznius: The Idea of Modesty in Judaism. Part I

Tznius: The Idea of Modesty in Judaism. Part II

Shelo Asani Isha

A Light Unto The Nations

After seeing a clip with John Kasich in Boro Park, NY as he was speaking to some yeshiva students, it demonstrated to me that we don't teach our children how to properly respond to questions.

What's Your "Poster Jew" Look Like?

It appears that everyone has a vision of what is considered a "success." If its an actor, the ultimate prize is the Oscar. If your part of a sports team, then the championship ring or trophy.

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VIDEO SERIES: An Orthodox Perspective

  • Belief in G_d
  • Can G-d's existence be proven? Even if it can, does it prove Hashem gave the Torah? How does one define the term "Orthodox?"

  • Prayer
  • What is the concept of prayer? Why must we pray? Doesn't Hashem know what we want/need without us asking? Are prayers always answered? Why must Jews pray 3 times a day at specific times? Shouldn't prayers be organic and spontaneous?

  • The Shabbat
  • Why did Hashem command us to keep Shabbat? What are we supposed to learn from a "day off?" How does one define "work?"

  • Jewish Observance
  • What is the purpose of the commandments? What should happen to one who follows the rules? How does one determine if the purpose is accomplished? What are the different types of laws?

  • Sexuality
  • How does the Torah view sexuality? Are there special roles in a relationship? What should we look for in a mate? How did Hashem hard-wire us?


Is Happiness really attainable? Is it a feeling of euphoria or something simpler? People are always in the pursuit of happiness, and it is viewed as a G-d-given right, but the question is “how do we get there?” The following phrase has been toted around the Torah Center for a while: “If I’m not happy I’m doing something wrong.” Yet, we find many who are not happy. Listen, as we discuss issues such as:

  • Does Judaism offer anything to add happiness to my life?
  • What is the connection between the meaning of life and happiness?
  • Are there practical exercises to help one become happier?

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