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Your Jewish Home in South Bend

About MTC

The Midwest Torah Center is a warm and welcoming center for Jewish life in the heart of South Bend. Founded in 2007, MTC has hosted hundreds of Jews from all over the Michiana region for services, classes, celebrations, trips and events. MTC promotes a lifetime of Jewish growth and exploration, regardless of background or affiliation. Please reach out and connect to learn more about our programs and let us know how we can welcome you to our MTC community.



Rabbi Elie Ginsparg joined MTC as acting Rabbi in September 2022. Rabbi Ginsparg moved to South Bend in 2016 and teaches Torah in the local day school and Bais Yaakov. Prior to moving to South Bend, Rabbi Ginsparg taught high school and worked in Jewish outreach in Chicago. Rabbi Ginsparg has a Masters in Education from Loyola University Chicago. He also completed the Dirshu Kinyan Halacha program and received Semicha from Rabbi Shlomo Morgenstern while learning in Kollel for 13 years at Bais HaMedrash L’Torah in Chicago. Rabbi Ginsparg has authored 6 sefarim on Halacha and Talmud and has written several other articles published in various Torah Journals. He and his wife Sari have been married for 25 years, have a married son, and 6 other children.


Rabbi Kuppel Lindow - President

Rabbi Lindow was a founding member of MTC in 2006 and served as it's Executive Director for its first twelve years. Even though Rabbi Lindow stepped down from that position, it gave him the ability to then become MTC's president and to help it evolve to achieve even more grandiose goals.


Stacey Rubin - Secretary

Stacey has been a member of the South Bend and Midwest Torah Center community since 2012. She and her husband David and two boys live right up the block from the MTC. She has been spotted biking at the Torah Center with her kids, and has even been seen pulling a sled through the snow to the Torah Center. Stacey teaches both Language Arts and Math at the local Jewish Day School. 


Rabbi Stephen Sokolow - Board Member

Rabbi Sokolow and his family have been a part of the MTC family since arriving from Israel in South Bend in 2015. He helped start the daily minyanim at MTC and spearheaded many of the fundraising activities. Stephen works full-time as a turnaround specialist Nursing Home Administrator and is licensed in Indiana and Michigan. Stephen is married to Mimi and they have four kids. 

Meet the Team
Davening Times

Davening Times

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Please reach out and let us know how we can best welcome you to the MTC community.

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